HDD always blinking

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HDD always blinking

Post by olaf3de » 24 Apr 2012, 15:12


Last week we try to use RenderPal 2.5.5 server with 3 client (free version) for rendering under linux (ubuntu 10.04Lts).
We use Vray for Maya 2011 for rendering mostly. It works fine for now.

One problem is that when we render some frames always we have HDD blinking and we see that hard drives in
computers are always is use for something??? This is not happen when we render on Vray running from terminal inside of this
computer. So the problem is not in Vray or some system preference's...

And one thing is I suppose that by this problem sometimes Vray missed some information when he loads files from
main server through the network and render some frames wrong. This doesn't happen on the windows with same scene's
that we render now with the same config, files, etc.

I need to know is that My mistake, because I will need to buy RenderPal now for all our renderfarm so I need to config all what it need's.
Any ideas?

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Re: HDD always blinking

Post by andi » 25 Apr 2012, 19:45

Maybe it is a problem with samba sharing?
Might be that it can't feed the clients fast enough with file data and then they will fail.

Check if this happens when you use just a single client.

Do you have gigabit lan?

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Re: HDD always blinking

Post by olaf3de » 26 Apr 2012, 00:41

Hi Andi.

Nouupp...It is not the problem with samba ( or maybe...hymmm I dont know...) and yes we have 1Gb/s LAN. but
I spend 2 hours to click and test many different configuration for RenderPal Client on our ubuntu machine.
And I found that (by RenderPal server on the server machine on windows) by remote, it must be disable Create Log files and Delete Log that are...
I think that when client rendering something always is made Log and delete this Log and again and again ...That's why hard drives are always working.
On windows this option we have turn on, but there is no situation like this.
Thanks god I found this and there is no problem any more :)
I found one more think but this is the case in other post with CPU usage ;)
happy Olaf :)

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