Problems with Path (Mac)

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Problems with Path (Mac)

Post by CrustedInk » 11 Mar 2013, 19:11

i just have a small question/problem.
a friend of mine wants to use RenderPal in his offices and i helped him to set it up. it works quite well so far.

the setup:

2 macs:
imac with 10.7
mbp with 10.82

2 win i5 for rendering.

the imac and the windows machines are working with after effects. he can submit a job (changed a few pathes with the path map) and no problem.
but the macbook is giving me a headache. the setup and the user settings are the same, but the submitted jobs are not rendering. always error-code (0x9) and the openFast is not able to locate the path. i dont know why, but RenderPal is always removing the first 2 letters from the real path so its "ndertest" instead of "rendertest", someone else with the same error on os x 10.8?
but its ok, to copy the correct path and open the file in after effects, no problems with locating the path.


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