Nuke frame range

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Nuke frame range

Postby jables » 24 Apr 2015, 09:48

Hi - is there any way to automate the frame range when launching a Nuke job? It would be great if I could automatically render the global setting (full frame range) of the script by default, so I don't have to type it in each time. Or is there something I'm missing?
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Re: Nuke frame range

Postby nunoconceicao » 14 Jul 2015, 17:53

We had the same issue and made a simple change on the nuke submiter script:
Just insert this before line 93 # --Aditional
and use Tabs to recreate the correct indentation instead of chevrons:

# -- Render settings


startFrame = nuke.Root().firstFrame()
endFrame = nuke.Root().lastFrame()
byFrame = 1

if startFrame != 0 and endFrame != 0:
>>>if startFrame != endFrame:
>>>>>>cfgParser.set("RenderSettings", "frames", str(startFrame) + "-" + str(endFrame))
>>>>>>cfgParser.set("RenderSettings", "frames", str(startFrame))
>>>cfgParser.set("RenderSettings", "fstep", str(byFrame))

This is obviously not official code, I'm sure Shoran Software will fix this in a future version, so try this at your own responsibility and only if you know some Python,
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Re: Nuke frame range

Postby Shoran Support » 17 Sep 2015, 19:58

The Nuke submitter script has been updated in version 2.12 to include the frame range.
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