MODO; BUG FIX Separate Alpha Output files

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MODO; BUG FIX Separate Alpha Output files

Postby NicebergStudios » 29 Nov 2016, 14:36

Hi All

For those who want to render the colour layer + alpha layer as separate files there is going to be a little problem with the current build of RenderPal.
This reason for this is because whatever output path you select in RenderPal/modo_cl will overwrite the paths written in modo on the alpha layers.

I figured out that it can be fixed by replacing the following command;
@@if $(sf) or $(ef)
render.animation "$(outfile_full)" "$(imgfmt)"
render "$(outfile_full)" "$(imgfmt)"

With the following command;
@@if $(sf) or $(ef)
render.animation {*}
render "$(outfile_full)" "$(imgfmt)"

In order for this to work you MUST DO THE FOLLING THINGS;
Within modo;
- choose an output file for every layer
- make sure the eye next to the layer is on if you want to render the specific layer

Within RenderPal;
On submitting a job you MUST enter a output file and output directory, HOWEVER these will be ignored completely, but it's helpfull to choose the correct directory for the frame checker.

So far this is the only way i got the separate alphas to work, of course feedback is welcome.

EDIT: my guess is that with it works without this bugfix if you enter "*" as the output directory, i will check this and report. This will still give a problem with the frame checker though, unless you search for the directory there.
Another problem this will cause is; if you select different output folders for the different layers, the frame checker will not know where to look. Of course only checking for the last layer it outputs (eg: first colour than alpha; check frames on alpha) will solve this.

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