RenderPal V2 2.0.1 released

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RenderPal V2 2.0.1 released

Post by Shoran Support » 28 Apr 2008, 15:49

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.0.1

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[- Global] Removed all WKS code (since the WKS version doesn't exist anymore)
[! Svr/Rc] Fixed a possible crash in the client pool list
[# Global] RenderPal V2 is now compatible with Wine
[+ Svr/Rc] The net job list now shows the submission date for net jobs
[# Svr/Rc] Cancelled net jobs can now be paused
[# Svr/Rc] The "Start as paused" flag has been replaced by a more generic "Paused" flag in the net job dialog
[! Server] When skipping net job chunks so that the job will be finished, the paused state will be reset
[+ Global] It is now possible to specify for every renderer (built-in and custom) whether to use forward slashes in paths and filenames
[! Client] Fixed a possible problem with Cinema 4D
[! Client] Fixed some compatibility bugs with RenderMan for Maya
[# Svr/Rc] When editing the render set of a net job, the corresponding renderer will be automatically selected