RenderPal V2 2.4.5 released

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RenderPal V2 2.4.5 released

Post by Shoran Support » 23 Apr 2010, 15:55

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.4.5

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[+ Svr/Rc] When remotely configuring clients, offline clients can now be excluded
[# Global] Extended the minimize options further
[+ Svr/Rc] When manually shutting down/rebooting a client, its timeout and reason can now be set
[# Svr/Rc] The render set autosave file (RenderPal.rset) has been moved to the Config directory
[! Server] When closing the server, the global path map was lost
[# Svr/Rc] It is now possible to add path map entries with the same in-path if the OS type differs
[# Server] Rewrote the "time left" estimation algorithm
[# Global] The Renderer System API function "RenderSet.GetValueCount" now has an optional value names parameter
[+ Global] New Renderer System API function: CmdLineSwitch.VerifySwitchDependency
[+ Global] New Renderer System API function: Result.Clear
[+ Global] Added an option to renderer parameters to put quotes around each list item (instead of around the combined list)
[# Global] Updated to zlib 1.2.5
[# Client] Trailing backslashes in path values are now automatically removed to avoid ...\" being interpreted incorrectly by the renderers
[# Svr/Rc] It is now possible to edit standard renderer parameters (except for their ID, type and type options)
[# Server] The server will no longer wake up clients that wouldn't be used for rendering afterwards
[# Global] Updated to SQLite 3.6.23
[+ Svr/Rc] Renderer parameters can now depend on other parameters (so that all parameters have to be supplied)
[# Global] Vastly improved the configuration of renderer executables (remotely and directly in the client)
[# Client] The renderer configuration dialog is now resizable
[+ Svr/Rc] The remote client configuration can now also be accessed via hotkey (Ctrl+K)
[# Svr/Rc] The remote client configuration dialog is now resizable
[# Global] Plenty of renderer updates to reflect the new renderer system features
[! Global] The event log couldn't display events containing a pipe (|) properly
[! Client] Fixed a bug that could lead to crashes of the client and weird client behaviour in the server
[! Client] When the client receives a cancel request for a job it has just processed, the cancel will now properly be acknowledged
[! Server] Possible fix for clients hanging at "cancelling" indefinitely (while still rendering new jobs, though)
[# Svr/Rc] The remote client configuration dialog will no longer show empty pools
[! Server] The server would sometimes not pick up pending net jobs if there was an erroneous net job in the queue