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RenderPal V2 2.4.6 released

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2010, 15:15
by Shoran Support
Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.4.6

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[! Svr/Rc] When editing a net job so that it needs to be restarted, the Paused flag was ignored right after editing the job
[! Svr/Rc] Some net job event parameter names (in the net job event editor) weren't correct
[! Global] Fixed a possible crash in the Ethernet adapters info retrieval function
[# Server] When the server automatically creates new net jobs due to frame checking, the submitter will be now set to the original submitter
[! Server] The automatic frame checking created too many chunks in some cases
[# Global] Fixed slash directions in Cinema 4D
[! Server] Net jobs created due to automatic frame checking weren't always rendered