RenderPal V2 2.7.0 released

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RenderPal V2 2.7.0 released

Post by Shoran Support » 10 Jan 2013, 17:18

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.7.0

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* Note: RenderPal V2 no longer supports Windows 2000

[+ Server] Integrated a web interface into RenderPal
[+ Server] Added a new options tab for the integrated web server
[+ Server] Added a new user right to grant web access
[+ Server] Added various new data fields to queries

[# Global] The path where script templates will be generated by the renderer system can now be specified
[# Server] Reduced the hard limit of 10 minutes of the clients idle disconnect time to 3 minutes
[# Global] Many smaller improvements
[# Server] Updated to SQLite

[! Global] Fixed some problems with the updater under MacOSX and Linux (missing zlib)
[! Client] When using dynamic file names in a render set, empty render set values could lead to a freeze
[! Svr/Rc] Complex or very long scene filenames in the render set could lead to crashes
[! Global] Various smaller bug fixes

[* Render] Updated the Modo renderer