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RenderPal V2 2.8.0 released

Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 15:15
by Shoran Support
Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.8.0

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[+ Svr/Rc] Added a feature-rich net job details tab to the main view (incorporates the chunk list)
[+ RenSys] Renderers can now report rendered image files
[+ RenSys] Renderer parameters now have an option to be shown in the net job information pane
[+ Svr/Rc] Net jobs can now react to ongoing errors by either cancelling or pausing the job
[+ RmCtrl] Added a new switch to the console Remote Controller to set the net job error handling (-nj_errorhandling)
[+ Svr/Rc] Added "Tags" and "Paused" to net job view filters
[+ Server] Added an option for the interval of data updates sent to Remote Controllers and Web Interfaces
[+ WebIfc] The web interface site directory can now be selected in the options dialog
[+ Global] Added a function to send image filenames to the renderer system Python API (RenderSystem.SendImageFilename)

[# Svr/Rc] View filters received a major overhaul
[# Client] Clients will no longer drop their jobs if they are unexpectedly disconnected from the server (e.g. due to a crash)
[# Client] The client now shows the average CPU usage and CPU idle time of a rendering when finished
[# Svr/Rc] The "In" and "Out" entries of path maps have been renamed to "Original path" and "Translated path"
[# Global] The net job and chunk priority columns are now colored (from blue over green to red)
[# RenSys] The option to encode backward slashes in template scripts now only affects variables
[# Client] The project directory is now created if it doesn't exist before a rendering starts
[# Svr/Rc] Scheduled net jobs that haven't reached their scheduled start yet are now shown as "Waiting"
[# Server] The pre-execution events of a net job will not be executed until a scheduled start has been reached
[# Client] New method to get the total CPU usage of a machine under Windows
[# RenSys] Parameter limits can now have floating point values (for float parameters)
[# Svr/Rc] Moved the net job tags to the main page of the net job dialog
[# Svr/Rc] The net job list now has a column for net job tags
[# Global] Socket disconnects will now show their reason (if they occurred due to an error)
[# RenSys] Some standard parameters can now be hidden
[# Global] All edit fields now have a 'Find' functionality
[# Global] Many other smaller improvements

[! Global] Stability improvements
[! Server] Cancelling net jobs during an event phase could lead to a crash
[! Client] The client did not translate dynamic variables before creating the output directory
[! WebIfc] Urgent net jobs were not shown as urgent
[! Global] The usual amount of smaller bug fixes

[* Render] Added image slicing support to Maxwell
[* Render] Updated the Softimage renderer
[* Render] Updated nearly all renderers to support the new renderer system features