RenderPal V2 2.12.0 released

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RenderPal V2 2.12.0 released

Post by Shoran Support » 15 Sep 2015, 19:35

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.12.0

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[+ Submit] The submitter now supports multiple jobs
[+ Submit] The submitter will now show a login dialog if the necessary settings are missing
[+ RenSys] Integer parameters can now be used for splitting (will result in a list from 1 to the parameter value)
[+ Submit] Added an option to the submitter to always show all available renderers (even if launched by a submitter script)
[+ RenSys] For list parameters, $(<name>#) can now be used to get the total number of entries in the list

[# Submit] All submitter scripts were updated and extended to take into account the new submitter features
[# Svr/Rc] The 'Remove finished net jobs' command now takes into account the active view filter
[# Client] Renderer executable paths now support environment variables
[# Submit] The submitter will now warn if the job(s) to be submitted will consist of only a single chunk (can be turned off in the options)
[# Submit] The submitter now stores its configuration files on a per-user basis
[# Client] The Windows client will now broadcast a heartbeat on all available network addresses if no server is configured
[# Global] In net job events, list parameters will now be passed as a comma-separated list when using the regular syntax
[# Server] Updated to SQLite 3.8.10
[# Global] Many other small improvements (especially in the Submitter)

[! Global] Improved compatibility with Windows 8 and higher
[! Svr/Rc] When modifying the job color or project/tag fields of a net job, the Net Job group will now be checked
[! Server] The server is now more robust against database faults
[! Global] A bunch of smaller fixes here and there

[* Render] 3ds Max: Added support for strip rendering ("light" version of image slicing)
[* Render] Sketchup: Added support for V-Ray
[* Render] Arnold for Maya: Fixed image slicing
[* Render] Nuke: Fixed frame range passing
[* Render] Blender: Added some output filters