RenderPal V2 PyQuery - Python query library

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RenderPal V2 PyQuery - Python query library

Post by Shoran Support » 22 Jan 2011, 22:16

Since RenderPal V2 2.5, the console Remote Controller can be used to query data from the server. We have now written a lightweight Python wrapper for the console RC that can be used to easily query the server; instead of having to deal with the returned XML data, the PyQuery library will return easy-to-use Python objects that hold various attributes representing the returned data. Besides being a handy script for pipeline integration, it's also a good example, inspiration and base for your own scripts.

The PyQuery library can be freely downloaded here:

A comprehensive Readme.txt is included in the archive that explains everything you need to know. You will need an installation of the command-line remote controller (at least version 2.5.0) and a Python installation or Python host application.

This is an early version and only offers a rather rudimentary functionality. Feel free to post your ideas and comments in this thread.