Best practice for multiuser setup

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Best practice for multiuser setup

Post by mike » 13 Nov 2008, 14:19

Hi again,

what's the best practice (in terms of configuration) for using RenderPal in a multiuser environment?

Here's our basic setup:
  • Windows domain
  • Every user has a home directory on a server
  • Render clients run on Windows XP and the two Windows Server 2003 domain controllers
We'd like every user to submit jobs from his home directory and have the render clients store the output back into the home directories. This should be done in such a way that no user can see or modify any files from other users. Is there a standard solution for this?

(That's what we tried so far:

We created a "RenderPal" user account in the domain and added a directory to each user's home directory that can be accessed by this "RenderPal" user. But this approach is unreliable due to a Windows limitation: A Windows client can create only a single connection to a share, so it is not possible for RenderPal to connect to the home share using the "RenderPal" account when a user is logged in, because the share is already connected as the respective user. On the other hand logging into a workstation that runs the RenderPal client as a service fails because the home share is already connected as the "RenderPal" account.

There might be a workaround for this problem (create a second share for the home folder), but we haven't done this yet because as we're using DFS and replication it is a bit complicated. Even so, to provide user isolation, it would be helpful if you could use variables (like the username) in the path map. Is this possible?)


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