load balancing

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load balancing

Postby suberjin » 25 Sep 2015, 06:48


We have the render farm that has 16 nodes. In order to render an image as fast as possible we have configured renders to slice image. We have set number of slices = number of servers cores. We have set Parallel Rendering count =0 . We expected to have every chunk be processed on one core. Instead of this we have some nodes that take up to 22 chunks and some of them in an idle state. Please take a look at the screenshot. Could you please let us know how this behaviour can be changed. We would like to have all cores work together. screenshot with job settings are enclosed.

Regards, Jason
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Re: load balancing

Postby Shoran Support » 25 Sep 2015, 16:11

First, keep in mind that "Core" also includes virtual cores (like Hyperthreading etc.). Please take a larger screenshot of your server view, as the really interesting columns are hidden in your shots. This is just too little information for us to tell why the chunks get dispatched so unevenly.
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