How to start a render farm

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How to start a render farm

Post by adiarch20 » 23 Feb 2016, 11:33


I am a begginer in this line of work, but have high hopes in implementing a new Render Farm on the market (and further scale it). We have acquired a small amount of render stations and the node licenses from your website. The problem is that we have no knowledge in how to implement the render farm manager into the website and launch it online. So we haven't found anybody eager to help us with the know-how of transforming a render platform into an on-line render platform (with all it's perks: estimation, costs, duration, fiscalisation, etc.).

I'm writing to you for help in this area, because we would really like to get it started and further develop the business branch.

So, in short, i'm asking for your help / expertise in this field to assist us with any information available.

Thank you in advance, Adrian

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