Wake-Up and Windows 10

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Wake-Up and Windows 10

Post by pechart » 19 Oct 2016, 12:18

I think this is more Windows related than RenderPal related, but maybe someone has an idea. We recently updated all clients to Win10Pro. Now the Wakeup from RenderPal doesn't work reliable anymore. Sometimes the machines start up, sometimes they don't. Most likely it's related to Win10, but I'm not sure right now. Has anyone experienced something like this, too?

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Re: Wake-Up and Windows 10

Post by nunoconceicao » 14 May 2018, 11:05

Well in my case, not really of an issue.
Usually if the motherboard supports WOL it should work, you only need to send a magic packet and the machine should wake up, doesn't matter much if its RenderPal sending the packet or a magic packet util.
What i can think is that if this happened after upgrading to win 10 its probably due to the network driver, have a look at the adapter settings/power management, usually there are some settings that need to be enabled to allow magic packets to wake up.
Also some google research on your specific MB or network adaptor + WOL on windows 10 should give you some clues...

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