Submitter stopped working

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Submitter stopped working

Post by ch3m1kal » 04 Oct 2019, 13:39


So the RenderPal Submitter stopped working entirely on one of the machines in our office. It completely refuses to start, the process shows up for a second in the list and then closes. There were no hardware of software changes on the machine (Running Windows 10 1903).

Tried reinstalling the submitter, the remote controller, but it hasn't helped. I also don't know where the log is for it to help diagnose.

Any ideas?

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Re: Submitter stopped working

Post by Shoran Support » 08 Oct 2019, 13:34

If it is just one machine, then maybe you should completely set it up anew (including reinstalling Windows). This is certainly easier than trying to find out why the submitter won't start.

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