animation flickering (per chunk/client)

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animation flickering (per chunk/client)

Postby eqko » 10 Aug 2015, 17:36

First of, my appoligies for asking so many questions but I'm almost near using it in production and all things loog, for
one final full-stop issue.

And I'm sure it's probably not a RenderPal issue per se, but perhaps you do know how to solve it.

When rendering animation (with vray without an irradiancel/lightcache) we have a flickering issues per chunk (no matter if we have 1 or 100 frames per chunk)

It looks as if the bitmap gammaIN parameter is not being correctly picked up by some clients,
as the flickering is in textures rather then the whole image itself.

I had an issue before where rendering with RenderPal resulted in a lighter image then rendering local which was solved
by forcing GammaCorrection to true, gammaIN to 2.2 and gammaOut to 1.0 in the rendermanagement.

But animations till show a similar issue.

any idea what else it might be ?
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Re: animation flickering (per chunk/client)

Postby eqko » 14 Aug 2015, 12:52

Just to give a follow up on this one.

I narrowed this problem down to a mix of settings in the Windows Region and Language settings.

Our farm had mixed settings for format (a mix between English (United States) and Dutch
and a mix for location between Dutch and United States.

Setting all renderslaves to the same format & location solved this particalar Issue.

Quite sure it's a max error and not a RenderPal thing, but perhaps you could look into this ?
See if it's something that RenderPal could cause.
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