Parallel Renderings Count

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Jorge Adorni
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Parallel Renderings Count

Post by Jorge Adorni » 27 Feb 2012, 09:40

Hi guys

Ive been using RenderPal for a while, there is a small feature that would help me a lot (please let me know if its already possible and without requiring any convoluted setup)
We have some nodes of 4 cores and some with 12 cores. Certain renders wont saturate the micro with a single process, but in the other hand it wont work well with a process for every core (setting the option to 0), 12 parallel renders just kills the machine.
In my case, a good number is a proc for every 4 cores, so the quads gets a single one and the 12 core node handles 3 procs.
A number like -4 (or any other neg number) in the option could be used to tell RP to start a proc for every 4 cores, maybe the negative number is not that great idea when using it as a flag in cmd line, dont know.

No matter how its implemented, it would be of great help to me.
Please let me know what do you think.

Thanks for your time.


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Re: Parallel Renderings Count

Post by Graham » 03 May 2014, 01:08


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