[SOLVED] Change client shutdown mechanism

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[SOLVED] Change client shutdown mechanism

Post by pechart » 18 Jun 2013, 11:18

Me again :)

We're currently using RP on our client machines not as a service, but we start it from a batch script. We do several things before we start RenderPal, to ensure the environments are set up properly.
Now, from time to time we have to log on to our machines visually, usually we use the Windows Remotedesktop for this. (VNC is also possible but WinRemote feels much better).
And there comes the problem: We can't log off from the Remotesession, because our client needs to stay logged in. So we just close the Remotesession.

Now RP can't shutdown the machines anymore. The IDLE client shutdown doesn't work, either.

-> How are you guys doing the shutdown? Would it be possible to force the shutdown somehow, even if other users are logged in? Thanks!
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Re: Change client shutdown machanism

Post by Shoran Support » 19 Feb 2014, 21:46

The shutdown mechanism had been changed in 2.9, so it should now work even if a user is logged into that machine remotely.

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