Submitter improvement ideas

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Submitter improvement ideas

Post by Mrodvfx » 04 Nov 2014, 21:11

I had a few ideas after using this new submitter 2.11.1 - Which is great dont get me wrong.

1. When using the $(camera) function to a render directory for multiple cameras - separating the render directories based on camera. When the renders start, you can not go directly to the output directory, because render pals location is saved as $(camera) instead of what the cameras name is. Anyway to change that so when the submission process takes place, the render in the remote controller will have the correct path?

2. Quick use common commands during submission - It would be great if there was a drop down list of commands that could be used during the submission process to adjust file names / render directories ..etc, to quickly add the proper command, like the $(camera) command to render file name. Or just quick reference in the submission submitter with a brief description.
There is a function in FreeCommander for renaming multiple files at once. Where ever the user has selected in the text field, you can click a small arrow next to the name and select specific commands (such as a counter, date, list goes on) When selected it quickly places the command where the user is at in the text field. Very handy little time savor, and reduces human error when typing the commands. Maybe an additional commands drop down next to help?

Thanks for the consideration.


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