RenderPal V2 2.1.0 released

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RenderPal V2 2.1.0 released

Post by Shoran Support » 05 Aug 2008, 17:07

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.1.0

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[# Global] Plenty of internal changes & improvements
[+ Global] It is now possible to specify the output file and directory for Blender jobs
[! RmCtrl] Fixed a possible crash when editing the render set of a net job
[# RmCtrl] When starting/stopping a pool, the pool status will now be immediately refreshed
[- Svr/Rc] Removed "Dump command-lines" from the render set sourcefile list
[# Svr/Rc] It is no longer possible to enter invalid characters into the output file field
[! Svr/Rc] When selecting multiple net job chunks with the right mouse button, the correct context menu will now be shown
[+ RmCtrl] F5 now refreshes the client management dialog (fetches all data from the server)
[# Global] If RenderPal crashes, the function in which the error occurred should now be reported in most cases
[! Global] Fixed some odd window switching/focus strangeness bugs
[# Global] Improved the unhandled exception dialog
[! Server] When dropping jobs from a client, the corresponding chunk was shown as erroneous, not as cancelled
[# Server] Urgent net jobs will now use all possible clients, cancelling any renderings if necessary
[! Svr/Rc] Most recently used entries for files and directories weren't saved
[# Server] Autosaving of net jobs is now crash-safer
[+ Client] In screensaver only mode, the user is now asked whether to cancel the current job when the screensaver stops running
[! Client] In screensaver only mode, clients were added to the server even if they were already in the known clients list
[# Svr/Rc] Improved the renderer selection in the net job editor (merged built-in and custom renderers)
[- Svr/Rc] The render set file is no longer shown in the net job editor
[+ Svr/Rc] Completely new custom renderer management
[+ Server] Added a new user right to allow uploading of custom renderers to the server
[+ RmCtrl] It is now possible to download/upload the custom renderers from/to the server
[+ RmCtrl] The remote controller will now automatically download the custom renderers from the server
[! Server] The server didn't accept heartbeats from clients with a wrong protocol number (RenderPal 2004 relict)
[# Server] Increased the trial net job limit to 10 concurrent net jobs
[! Global] Fixed the Aspect ratio switch for Maya (was -ar, should be -ard)
[+ Server] The automatic client pool assignment now supports multiple IP ranges
[! Global] The verbosity render setting is no longer available for Maya (since Maya never supported it)
[# Server] A warning is now shown when installing updates that are older than or equal to the currently installed version
[+ RmCtrl] It is now possible to specify the name of the defaults section (RpRcDefaults.conf) to use in the console Remote Controller
[+ Svr/Rc] Render settings from a saved render set can now be merged with the current render set
[+ Global] Added an event filter to all event tabs
[# Server] Chunks will no longer be set to cancelled in cases where it should only be reset to pending
[+ Svr/Rm] Multiple net job dependencies are now supported
[+ Server] When frame checking results in new net jobs, the original net job will be set to be dependent on the newly created jobs
[+ Global] Added a simple "Check for updates" function (Help menu)
[# Global] Renamed the "Maya Default" renderer to "Maya Default (Scene/Layer settings)" to avoid confusion
[+ Global] Added new built-in renderer: V-Ray for Maya
[! Client] Viewing large output logs took extremely long loading times
[+ Global] The log list dialog now contains a column for the log file size
[+ Global] Added 5 new custom renderers: 3Delight, SiTex Air, Combustion, Digital Fusion & Houdini
[+ Svr/Rc] Turned off client machines can now be woken up via Wake-on-LAN (if the computer supports it)
[# Svr/Rc] Jobs with only finished and cancelled chunks are now shown as "Unfinished" instead of "Idle"
[# RmCtrl] Implemented a timeout mechanism so that crashed remote controllers won't lock certain areas for an indefinite time anymore
[! Server] When using the free 3 nodes license, the server closed after running for about one hour
[! Server] The server could send jobs to clients even if there was an update pending
[! Server] When using non-integral "By frame" values, rounding errors could occur when calculating the start extension for each chunk
[! Server] Email notifications about remotely submitted net jobs were not sent
[- Svr/Cl] Event sounds have been dropped
[# Global] The output window will never be shown automatically (the corresponding option has also been removed)
[+ Client] The client got a new multi-core enabled rendering engine
[! Client] Fixed a bug with passing multiple layers to the Maya Software renderer
[+ Client] XSI render passes are now supported
[+ RmCtrl] Frame checking can now be specified when submitting net jobs via the console remote controller (-nj_framechecking)
[+ RmCtrl] The console remote controller can now list all available client pools via -listpools
[+ Svr/Rc] Added an option to the client settings to enable automatic Wake-on-LAN (to wake up clients that should be used for rendering)
[+ Svr/Rc] Added a setting to specify the number of parallel renderings per client to the net jobs
[+ RmCtrl] Added a switch (-nj_rendercores) to the console remote controller to set the number of parallel renderings per client
[# Server] Improved the net jobs loading time
[! RmCtrl] Fixed a bug when retrieving the output log from a client that would cause the operation to fail with a privilege violation
[# Global] Net job IDs are now formatted to 4 digits
[+ Global] Parallel renderings on a single client are now supported
[+ RmCtrl] Added -compact to the console RC (can be used together with -listrenderers and -listpools to only get the "bare" lists)
[+ Client] Added an option to configure the start delay between parallel renderings
[# Server] When installing updates which contain update notes, it is now possible to install or cancel the update
[! RmCtrl] Fixed some command-line parsing bugs in the console Remote Controller
[- Server] Removed several message boxes that could pop up in the server when certain errors occurred
[! Global] Sorting time columns in list controls didn't work properly
[- RmCtrl] Removed automatic refreshing, as this only causes unnecessary data traffic (the server updates all RCs when needed)
[+ Client] The console client now checks the return codes of renderers on all systems