RenderPal V2 2.0.0 released

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RenderPal V2 2.0.0 released

Post by Shoran Support » 11 Apr 2008, 01:41

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.0.0

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[# Global] Loads of improvements, smaller changes and fixes everywhere
[! Server] The client priority slider in the client settings dialog didn't work
[# Server] New clients will now use all available CPUs by default
[+ Svr/Rc] The net job list now shows the job's renderer
[! Server] The chunk error count wasn't always reset properly
[# RmCtrl] When switching to the Remote server tab, an automatic refresh is now performed
[+ Server] Added tool tips to the client pool and net job lists
[+ RmCtrl] Added tool tips to the net job list
[+ Global] Added different tray icons for the various RenderPal versions
[- RmCtrl] The command-line job submission support has been removed from the GUI Remote Controller (use the commandline version instead)
[+ Client] The console client can now be terminated with Ctrl+C
[# Server] New icons in the user management dialog symbolizing their password and locked states (and removed the Pwd column)
[+ Server] The user management dialog now shows the logged in computers for each account
[+ RmCtrl] Remote Controllers now can also have a name/alias
[+ Svr/Rc] The submitter column now also shows the name/alias and computer name/IP of the submitter
[# Server] The dispatcher will now randomize its client selection (while still taking the client priority into account, of course)
[+ Svr/Rc] "Cancel job" and "Restart job" have been added to the net job toolbars
[# Server] Limited the number of net jobs the automatic frame checking can create to a depth of 3
[# Svr/Rc] Set the maximum name length for a net job to 256 characters
[+ Svr/Rc] The default net job name format (for new net jobs) can now be specified
[! Global] Non-existing UNC files in a render set could slow down the render set page
[# Client] Updated the CPU usage function on Windows (the client will no longer hang on startup)
[! Global] Fixed a small bug where slash directions could be messed up in paths
[# Global] Updated the Maya software renderer to use render.exe instead of mayabatch.exe (no need to change any settings, though)
[# Server] Pings are now always sent to the clients, even if their pool is stopped
[+ Client] It is now possible to configure the client to disconnect from the server if no ping was received within a given time
[# Server] The registration/invalid license dialog has been slightly improved
[# RmCtrl] The Remote Controller got a client/pool list just like in the server
[! Server] Fixed a crash when deleting pools
[# Server] It is now possible to edit the user access for pools even if the account is currently in use
[+ Global] Added a new, multi-paged options dialog
[- Client] Dropped the "Performance and memory optimized" client settings (and adjusted some defaults instead)
[- Global] The external resources Dll (RpExtRes.dll) has been dropped
[# Global] Updated the text viewer and event log viewer dialogs
[# Global] Merged the date and time columns in the event log lists
[+ Svr/Rc] It is now possible to retrieve the output and event log from a client
[# Svr/Rc] Frame checking can now also be performed on cancelled jobs
[! RmCtrl] Several unnecessary "Out of sync" errors were fixed
[- Global] Removed the "Show colored menus" option (menus will now always have the "classic" look)
[! Server] Removing finished net jobs will no longer send email notifications
[+ Svr/Rc] Added an entry to remove all finished net jobs to the net job list context menu
[+ Svr/Rc] A client pool can now be excluded from all jobs via context menu
[+ Svr/Rc] The net job status is now shown in different colors
[+ Client] The job history entry status is now also shown in different colors
[+ Global] Added a simple main menu to the output window
[# Svr/Rc] Slightly redesigned the net job dialog
[+ Svr/Rc] It is now possible to select specific clients for a net job, not just entire pools
[+ Svr/Rc] A client can now be excluded from its current job and all net jobs via context menu
[+ Svr/Rc] Also added context menu entries to assign a pool/client to all net jobs
[+ RmCtrl] It is now possible to retrieve the event log from the server
[- Server] The job queue (and support for RenderPal job queues) has been dropped from the server
[# Global] The navigation bar was moved from the right to the top
[# Global] Plenty of visual improvements
[! Server] Connecting to unavailable computers using their NetBIOS name could lead to an endless number of connection retries
[# Global] New icons everywhere
[# Global] RenderPal filetypes (for RenderSet files etc.) are now only registered for the Workstation version
[+ Svr/Rc] Added context menu entries to the pools to connect to/disconnect from all clients
[- Server] The colored (nifty) chunk bar has been removed
[+ Global] RenderPal will now register a system environment variable containing its path (can be used for batch update scripts etc.)
[! Global] Fixed a bug with UNC paths containing spaces when using the Maya software renderer
[- Global] Dropped the rendered images window (RIW)
[+ Svr/Rc] The chunk column (now called progress) in the net job list now shows a progress bar
[# Global] New renderer options dialog (again)
[- Global] Some rather unnecessary options were removed
[# Svr/Cl] The event logs got a separate tab
[+ RmCtrl] Added an event log to the Remote Controller
[+ Svr/Rc] Expand all/Collapse all added to the pools context menu
[# Server] Made moving around the server directory easier (source files are now saved with relative paths)
[# Svr/Rc] Optimized the network traffic and logic between the Server and the Remote Controller
[! RmCtrl] The Remote Controller should now be less prone to corrupt user data packages
[! Server] Fixed a bug where unnecessary (and useless) data packets were sent to the Remote Controllers
[# Server] The server will now send updates to the Remote Controllers when adding, editing or deleting net jobs
[+ Global] It's now possible to select which columns to display for each list control (via header context menu)
[# Server] Made loading of the NCC configuration more error tolerant
[! Global] Enclosing whitespaces are now removed from filenames and paths
[# Global] Exporting a render set/job queue to a batch will no longer switch renderers
[# Global] The "Find render setting" dialog now remembers its settings
[# Global] The render set tab got a major overhaul
[# Global] Added a new render settings control
[+ Global] It is now possible to select a renderer directly in the render set (also acts as a filter)
[+ Global] The entire render set dialog is now dynamic, showing only settings available for the selected renderer
[- Global] The global renderer has been dropped
[+ Svr/Rc] Added an option to choose whether new net jobs should use the renderer specified in the render set
[# Global] Renamed the "Maya (Layer rendering)" renderer to "Maya default" (as this renderer will mainly use the scene settings for rendering)
[- Global] Removed all unnecessary and never used commandline switches from the GUI versions
[# RmCtrl] It's no longer possible to edit a net job which is currently being edited by another user
[+ Svr/Cl] It is now possible to start/stop the RenderPal service within the autostart dialog
[+ Svr/Cl] Added a "Shutdown" entry to the main and tray menus; this will exit the server/client and stop the autostart service as well
[+ Svr/Cl] Added commandline switches to install, uninstall, start and stop the autostart service
[! Server] When shutting down the computer, net jobs will now be saved
[# Svr/Cl] The autostart service can now be run under the LocalSystem account
[# Svr/Rc] Custom renderer switches are now added via a handy list instead of a simple text field
[# Svr/Rc] Due to the new custom renderer format, switches have become more flexible
[! Client] Fixed some parsing bugs in custom renderers
[+ Svr/Rc] Added an option to also include custom renderers in the renderer filter list in the render set tab
[+ Global] Added a commandline switch (/nofirststart) to prevent the configuration dialogs from showing up on first start
[# Client] While rendering, the client will now set its process priority to high (to be more responsive)
[- Server] "Load/Save net jobs" and "Clear all" have been removed from the navigation bar (load and save are still present in the main menu)
[+ Server] Added the ability to create path maps to the server (path maps can be defined globally, per pool and per client)
[+ RmCtrl] Path maps can also be edited via the Remote Controller
[+ Server] Added a new user right to allow users to modify the path maps
[# Server] Net job chunk events now include the client name
[! Global] -rep and -amt had wrong types
[# Svr/Rc] The net job dialog is now resizable
[+ Svr/Rc] Added a toolbar for the client pool list
[# Global] Rewrote the frame checker image sequencing code (now uses regular expressions)
[# Global] It's now possible to set the file pattern in the frame checker window
[+ Global] Added an option to only find "exact matches" to the frame checker
[+ Global] An exit confirmation is now shown for all RenderPal apps
[# Svr/Rc] Double-clicking on a client in the client list will now connect to the client
[# Svr/Rc] The "chunk details" column in the client list has been splitted into 3 separate columns (scene, frames, slice)
[! RmCtrl] Disconnects initiated by the server were ignored
[+ Svr/Rc] Added a net job chunk list
[+ Svr/Rc] Net job chunks can now be skipped (set to "done"), restarted and cancelled manually
[+ Svr/Rc] It is now possible to take a look at the "history" of every chunk
[# RmCtrl] Context menus in the client and net job list are now always shown, even when logged off
[+ Svr/Cl] When installing the autostart service, a check can now be set to start the service after installation
[+ Svr/Rc] The client status is now also shown in different colors
[# Svr/Rc] The free memory column in the client list now shows the amount of used memory instead
[+ Svr/Rc] The CPU and used memory columns in the client list now show a meter bar
[+ Server] A default format for the submitter name column can now be specified
[# Server] Grouped the user rights and added a simple context menu to grant/revoke all rights
[+ Server] The user account list now shows the rights granted to an account
[# Server] NetJob IDs are now persistent
[! Svr/Rc] Splitter positions weren't restored when the main window was maximized
[- Svr/Rc] The "Try to automatically select the renderer for new net jobs" option has been removed
[+ Svr/Rc] Added an option to automatically select the renderer in a render set based on the added scenes
[# Wks/Cl] A better error-description is now shown when an invalid (or no) executable was specified for a renderer
[! Global] Network messages that were too large to be sent could lead to a crash
[# Global] When a remote connection is closed, any pending message waits will be immediately cancelled
[+ Svr/Rc] Added net job events (pre/post-execution actions for chunks and net jobs)
[+ Svr/Rc] Added Python scripting support to net job events
[! RmCtrl] Fixed some small bugs in the commandline Remote Controller
[+ RmCtrl] It's now possible to set the client limit and time thresholds in the commandline Remote Controller
[# RmCtrl] Net job render sets can now also be edited in the Remote Controller
[# Svr/Rc] Net job chunk recreation warnings are now only shown when necessary (i.e. when chunks will be recreated)
[# Svr/Rc] Made several improvements in the general workflow (mainly regarding render sets and net jobs)
[! Server] Finished chunks were automatically resubmitted in some cases
[+ Svr/Rc] Added the ability to retrieve the (most recent) output for a specific chunk
[# Client] The processor override setting has been moved directly into the clients
[+ Svr/Rc] "Edit render set" added to the net job toolbar
[+ Client] Additional search paths can now also be defined in the commandline client
[+ Server] Added a new user right to allow users to configure the clients
[# Svr/Rc] Time left estimates are now shown immediately after the first chunk has been rendered
[+ Svr/Rc] Clients can now be remotely (batch) configured
[+ Svr/Rc] It's now possible to specify a minimum client priority in a net job (only clients with at least this priority will render the job)
[# Client] Logging in the commandline client now works just like in the GUI client
[+ Client] Logging options were added to the commandline client configuration
[# Global] Improved Windows Vista compatibility
[# Global] The first 10 external tools can now be launched via Ctrl+1 - Ctrl+0
[# Svr/Rc] The status bar now shows the number of total and finished net jobs
[# Global] The "Tools->Advanced" menu has been removed; a new options page has been added instead (General->Miscellaneous)
[# Global] Integrated the zlib (RpZlib.dll) into the main executables; updated to zlib 1.2.3
[+ Global] Added automated update installation: Updates can now be installed from within the server; clients and RCs will be updated automatically
[+ Server] Update management added to the server
[- Client] Removed the "Disconnect" menu entry from the client
[! Global] Fixed a rare crash when applying renderer options
[! Server] Disconnecting idle clients now works as expected (the timeout value was calculated incorrectly)
[+ Svr/Rc] Pools can now automatically shutdown clients after a definable idle time
[+ Server] Added a new user right which allows the modification of the idle clients shutdown time
[# Global] The shortcut to show/hide the framechecker window is now Ctrl+Shift+F
[+ Global] Most lists can now be searched (either using the context menu or Ctrl+F/F3)
[# Client] When a rendering fails, an event log entry will now be added
[# Global] New event log entries are now shown at the top
[+ Svr/Rc] Added context menu entries to immediately reboot and shutdown single clients and all clients within a pool
[# Server] The server will now automatically send "live data" to the Remote Controllers (can be turned off in the advanced options)
[+ Svr/Rc] Added view filters for the client and net job list; it's now possible to ony show entries which match certain criteria
[# Server] The registration dialog is now shown if no license file could be found
[+ Server] Added new user rights to access the Client and User Management
[+ RmCtrl] The user management is now also present in the Remote Controller
[! Global] Fixed a memory leak in the network messaging code
[# Server] No more connection test is performed when adding or editing a client
[+ RmCtrl] The client management is now also present in the Remote Controller
[- Global] Dropped the custom scene file filter support via SceneFilter.cfg
[+ Server] Added a new user right to allow users to create new net jobs
[# RmCtrl] The connection dialog now shows a dropdown list of all recently used logins
[# Client] The output logging now uses a separate buffer for each rendered job
[+ Client] The maximum number of stored output buffers can be specified to limit the amount of consumed memory
[+ Cl/Wks] A drop down showing all output buffers has been added to the output window (also present in the Server and RC, but without much use)
[# Global] Event log lists now have a selection (makes it possible to only copy a certain portion of the events to the clipboard)
[# Global] Updated several renderers
[+ Svr/Cl] RenderPal can now map network paths when running the server/client as a service (i.e., mappings now work under XP and above)
[# Svr/Rc] Net jobs which only consist of finished and cancelled chunks are now shown as "Idle" (since they aren't done, but won't be rendered)
[+ Global] Manual entries can now be added to the scene file list (typing filenames instead of just selecting the files)
[+ Global] The scene file list now shows the file size and modified date of the scenes
[! Svr/Cl] When stopping or uninstalling the service, the main application was terminated if it was previously launched by the service
[+ Svr/Rc] The known client list (client management) now shows the version number (build) of all clients
[# RmCtrl] "Remove finished jobs" is enabled when there are finished jobs from the logged in user and the user has full control over his own jobs
[+ RmCtrl] Added a switch to the commandline Remote Controller to set the net job dependency
[# Client] Heartbeats now also work under MacOSX
[# RmCtrl] The Start/Stop pool button is now hidden if the necessary user right is missing
[! Svr/Cl] A ".\" is only added in front of the service logon user name if the account belongs to the built-in domain
[# Server] If an instance of the server is already running, starting the server again will now bring up the running instance
[# Global] Viewing output logs won't start notepad anymore; instead, the internal text viewer is used
[+ Server] Added pool priorities (defines the order in which pools will be processed)
[+ Client] Added a new commandline switch "/heartbeat" to set the heartbeat address
[! Global] V-Ray for 3dsMax was not always visible
[- Server] Dropped the option to disconnect a client after a certain number of chunk errors
[+ Server] Added an option to automatically exclude a client from a net job when a certain amount of chunk errors has occurred
[# Client] The render set setting "Processors used" will now override the client's setting
[# Svr/Rc] When saving a render set of a finished or cancelled net job, a confirmation is now shown whether to restart the job
[+ Client] Added a "Date" column to the job history
[+ Cl/Wks] Added an option to all built-in renderers whether to check their return codes or not
[# Server] Server startup time has been drastically improved
[# Svr/Rc] The idle time of clients is now shown in the "Elapsed time" column