Server options with server as service

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Server options with server as service

Postby MLK » 25 Sep 2018, 08:39

RenderPal does great job for us.
Actually our server runs as service on a dedicated server. I noticed when i am logged on as admin on any RC, i can only access a small part of all servers settings.
The lack of UI is not a major issue since i can edit config files, and in fact, it is not that often. But when i do so, i have to restart the service and then, all the chunck log in the RC UI are flushed.
I can still access them as txt files in the folder i specified in settings, but if it's true for me, it's not for "artists". When they see no log and there's a problem with a picture, they prefer ask me instead of going to the log folder.
It would be nice if the admin account could edit all settings the same way i do it when it runs as an interactive user executable. For most of these settings, there is no need to restart the server application.
Thanks for reading.
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