RenderPal V2 2.12.3 released

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RenderPal V2 2.12.3 released

Post by Shoran Support » 21 May 2016, 18:05

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.12.3

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[+ Submit] The submitter will now take mandatory parameters into account and won't allow submitting jobs missing one
[+ Svr/Rc] It's now possible to save and pause a net job when saving its render set

[# Submit] The submitter will no longer automatically split multiple cameras/layers into separate jobs
[# RmCtrl] When listing parameters of a renderer using the command-line RC, mandatory paramters are now marked
[# Server] Updated a few default settings

[! Global] Fixed environment variable handling (fixes issues with Modo, for example)
[! RenSys] The PostRendering event now works properly
[! Server] The web server options didn't work correctly in the trial version
[! Svr/Rc] Browsing for renderer executables in the renderer management didn't work
[! Svr/Rc] The renderer column is now colored correctly

[+ Render] V-Ray for SketchUp: Fixed some issues causing endless rendering loops
[* Render] SketchUp: Added a startup delay option (useful to avoid plugin loading problems)
[* Render] SketchUp: If the scene file doesn't exist or can't be copied locally, a proper error is now given