RenderPal V2 2.14.0 released

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RenderPal V2 2.14.0 released

Post by Shoran Support » 19 Sep 2016, 12:39

Changelog for RenderPal V2 2.14.0

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[+ Submit] The additional render settings list now uses proper edit controls for each parameter type
[+ Global] Defaults for new net jobs can now be stored individually for each renderer
[+ Submit] Additional render settings are now also stored in defaults
[+ Submit] Added options for which default settings to load when switching the renderer of a net job
[+ Submit] The submitter will now take parameter dependencies into account
[+ Server] Path maps now support wildcards in input paths
[+ Server] Added an option to prevent urgent jobs from forcefully displacing non-urgent ones
[+ Server] Added an option to let clients drop their jobs if they go off schedule
[+ Server] Added an option to not let the server terminate running jobs on close
[+ Submit] Added an option to include the output file/directory and project directory in net job defaults

[# Server] The frame checker now handles jobs with multiple frame ranges better
[# Global] The manual frame checker now supports multiple frame ranges
[# Submit] The frame checking settings are now automatically updated when relevant settings have been changed
[# Global] The last used version of each renderer is now remembered
[# Submit] If a group was specified via command-line, the submitter will now remember the last renderer used
[# RmCtrl] Console RC: Double-quotes can now be passed to the CmdRC (by using double/triple double-quotes)
[# RmCtrl] Console RC: When passing switch renderer parameters, a true/false value has to be provided now
[# RmCtrl] Console RC: Command-line switches are no longer case-sensitive
[# Svr/Rc] The path map dialog will no longer accept invalid characters in paths
[# Client] When changing the server heartbeat address, a heartbeat will now be immediately sent
[# Server] Improved the renderer updates dialog
[# Server] Updated to SQLite 3.13.0
[# Global] Numerous other smaller improvements around all places

[! Global] Message boxes were unclickable under certain circumstances
[! Server] Fixed some NetBIOS/IP mixup issues when new clients are added via heartbeat
[! Submit] The submitter could not always be found by submitter scripts under MacOSX
[! Global] Switch parameters were not always handled correctly
[! Server] Fixed a few smaller bugs in the frame checker
[! Submit] Fixed some small issues in the submitter script for Maya
[! Global] The usual amount of smaller fixes here and there

[* Submit] Added submitter scripts for LightWave 3D and Fusion
[* Submit] Updated/added submitter scripts for VRED 2015-, 2016 and 2017+
[* Submit] Fixed an issue with launching the submitter in Cinema 4D R16 and higher
[* Render] Thea: Added Thea Studio
[* Render] Redshift: Added Redshift Standalone
[* Render] Modo: Added support for render passes
[* Render] V-Ray Standalone: Added support for image slicing and various new parameters
[* Render] VRED: Completely reworked; added Sequencer renderer
[* Render] Cinema4D: Added new renderer version for R16+
[* Render] Vue: Added support for image slicing and updated to latest version
[* Render] Rhinoceros: Added Rhinoceros
[* Render] Maya Scene Renderer: Removed mental ray settings
[* Render] Fusion: Minor update