Restart chunk after certain amount of time

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Restart chunk after certain amount of time

Postby N-GON » 17 Nov 2017, 14:02

Hello there,

is there a way to have chunks automatilcally restart aftter rendering for a certain amount of time?
For example in a job most chunks are finished in about 1 hour, but there are some chunks that take 6+ hours and still haven't finished. The processors are up there at 100% fulltime so the chunk is still rendering but for some reason it takes forever while they shouldn't. If i restart the same chunk it finishes the same job in 1 hour.
I can't find an option to restart chunks after a certain amount of rendertime (only after idle cpu time), does anyone have an idea how i could tackle this?

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Re: Restart chunk after certain amount of time

Postby Shoran Support » 18 Nov 2017, 11:11

Take a look at the Advanced Net Job Settings ("Render time monitoring").
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