Working on linux while rendering on win/lin farm

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Working on linux while rendering on win/lin farm

Postby RenderFriend » 07 Jan 2019, 15:26


quick question. At our university we have a pc pool running on Windows which serves as our render farm. We also have a second set of local workstations for artists which I would like to run under linux, because of pipeline dev and performance reasons.
The question that determines that decision for me is:
Has RenderPal a system in place that allows for crossplattform rendering? My guess is that because of the different filepaths between linux and windows, RenderPal would have to manipulate all paths depending on the os of the pool that are set within the submitted DCC file (like read nodes, texture file paths etc.) to render correctly. Is that possible?

Thanks for the help.
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Re: Working on linux while rendering on win/lin farm

Postby Shoran Support » 07 Jan 2019, 15:29

RenderPal offers path mapping for such scenarios. It cannot, however, modify any files; most renderers use the concept of project directories for locating asset files.
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