Two clients, one outputting different results, same settings

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Two clients, one outputting different results, same settings

Post by shollenbmk » 09 Jan 2019, 16:01

Morning everyone,

I'm relatively new to RenderPal, but have been mostly successful in our first test setup. We have two identical clients, running the same settings, intended to run Maya renders through the standard Software Renderer.

Client 1 runs both as a client and as the RenderPal server (not recommended, but all we can do for now), and client 2 runs just as a client. Both appear on the server window, and both have access to the same file server (separate from the machines).

We've been able to run successful renders (as both PNGs and TIFFs) on Client 1, but have not been able to achieve the same results on Client 2. All things are the same, as far as I can tell. Client 2 accesses the file share, begins the render, but ends it MUCH sooner than client 1, and leaves behind only a .iff file, which we don't have much of a use for.

What could be keeping client 2 from taking the preference to export TIFFs, or PNGs, or etc? Also, why does client 2 appear to not be running the same render, even when directed at the same source files, using the same renderer option, same everything that I can tell?

What additional information could I provide that would help?

Thank you for anything you can recommend.

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